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Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit Review

Posted on June 23, 2017 by

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

Having been a longtime fan of Chebeto’s adorable style of plushes, I was beyond thrilled when they sent over one of their new mini DIY plush kits for me to try out and share the results!

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

The Mini Cthulhu kit comes packaged quite nicely with nearly all of the supplies you will need to make the plush, down to needle, thread, and sewing pins. The only items you will have to supply yourself are common household items: scissors, tape, a pen or marker for tracing, and a stuffing stick or chopstick.

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

I was very happy to see that the instructions were thorough, with plenty of step-by-step photos, explanations, and diagrams. This made the process easy and painless. All the little details were thought of, down to including the cutting instructions on each pattern piece so you always know what you’re doing.

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

I was very pleased with quality of materials, as well as the generous amount included in the kit! There is more than enough felt and thread to allow for any minor mistakes you might make, so there is no anxiety about messing up and wasting precious supply.

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

The little details seemed to take the longest because I am an impatient person when it comes to sewing, but once I finished with those, little Cthulhu came together quite quickly!

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

Constructing the plush was very simple using the instructions.

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

Of course, the most exciting part was joining everything together and being able to put the stuffing in. As with the thread and felt, there was a happy amount of fiber fill so that Cthulhu would be satisfactorily stuffed!

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

Sometimes a kit can be disappointing in that your final result looks nothing like it’s supposed to – personally, I have several needle felt kits that come to mind – but thanks to proper supplies and directions, I was able to make something that actually looks like it’s supposed to!

Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Kit

Where to buy

After my experience, I can’t recommend Chebeto’s sewing kits enough. If you’d like to try this Cthulhu kit out for yourself, you can find it here. Also be sure to take a look through the rest of their DIY sewing kits to see the rest of the range. There’s even an axolotl kit (that I really need)! The kits range between $14 and $22.

Chebeto also conveniently sell a huge variety of digital plush patterns for just $8, including the pattern for the Mini Cthulhu plush featured today. This is a great option if you’d like to get creative with your own materials.

Let us know in the comments which kits you want to try!

(Kit was provided by Chebeto for review but all words and photographs are my own)

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Birthday Sprinkles Picks

Posted on June 22, 2017 by

I am still celebrating my birthday month and what better way to celebrate with these sprinkle-y good picks. Just call my the girl with the most sprinkles!

Bow Sprinkles Kawaii Glitter Enamel Pin

I love bows, so these enamel bow pins topped with sprinkles by Cool Queen Collective are perfect to add a taste of sweetness to any outfit!

Yummy World XL Sprinkles Cupcake Plush

A giant cupcake – all to myself to squish and cuddle!

Birthday Pusheen and Stormy Collector Set

Pusheen and Stormy could crash my party any time. Bonus if they bring me a slice of cake. This cute lil plushie set is perfect for gift giving and includes a card.

Sprinkles Cake Purse

I wonder how many slices of cake this epic purse by Rommydebommy can hold! It is an attention grabber for sure!

Tokidoki Donutella and Chocolate plushies

If you have a birthday twin or a friend that shares your birthday month these best friend tokidoki plushies would be cool to split! Is it bad that I want to eat their little ears off?


Kawaii Depot Mini Memo Pads Giveaway

Posted on June 21, 2017 by

Time for a new giveaway from Kawaii Depot, who stock all the cutest character stationery!

mini memo pads giveaway

This is a big prize as one lucky winner will receive all these mini memo pads! That’s 12 different kawaii designs from Japanese brands Kamio, Q-Lia and Crux. They each have 90-100 sheets in two weird and wonderful designs so that’s a lot of cute stationery to use.

kawaii depot mini memo pads

Here’s a couple of my favourites – I love Bananya!

How to enter

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us What’s your favourite way to use mini memo pads like these?

Then use the Rafflecopter widget below to register your entry and open up more chances to win. Confused by Rafflecopter? Here’s a great guide.


  • NO giveaway accounts allowed (eg. a Twitter account you only use to tweet giveaways)
  • ALL your entries will be disqualified if you break any rule
  • If you are under 16, please check with a parent or guardian before entering.
  • By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
  • This giveaway is open worldwide.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway closes on Tuesday 4th July and we’ll pick a winner at random. Good luck!

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How to Create a Kawaii Bathroom

Posted on June 20, 2017 by

I love to have some “spa time” as relaxation. The bathroom might even be one of my favourite places to hang around in. That’s why I like to decorate it with some small kawaii objects. They’re not only nice to look at, but will also come to good use. Here are some ideas to turn your bathroom into a cute place.

Sass&Belle kawaii bath mat

How about a cute cat bath mat from Sass&Belle? My cat loves to sleep or play on the bath mat, so it would match perfectly.

cat bath ball

Bath balls that contain a figurine are all the rage in Japan. They will not only give a nice colour and scent to your bath, but will also reveal a small item hidden inside. At J-List you can find a meow bath ball with a little cat toy.

Kirby kawaii bath ball

Kirby fans might like to treat themselves to a Kirby bath ball from Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Sumikko Gurashi bathroom towel

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of cute to your bathroom is by getting a printed bath towel. Shops like AmiAmi offer a wide range of character towels to choose from. I think that the Jinbe-san and Sumikko Gurashi towels are especially cute.

Rilakkuma toothbrush holder

You could also use some small kawaii containers or holders to store your beauty and care products. Artbox has a nice range of San-X bathroom products, such as this Rilakkuma toothbrush holder and storage bin.

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What I Bought At London MCM Comic Con

Posted on June 19, 2017 by

I wasn’t as spend-happy this year at London MCM Comic Con, compared to last year when the tokidoki stall took all my money. I did make a few awesome purchases though.

Rilakkuma Panda Mini Clasp Purse

Most of my items were from ARTBOX who had a great selection as usual. I was looking for a new coin purse as my current one was looking very shabby. I loved this panda Rilakkuma purse and can’t decide which side I like best!

kawaii cat pass case

I also wanted a new pass case and had my eye on these cute kitty ones for a while so just decided to go for it.

kawaii bandages

kawaii plasters

These plasters caught my eye with their hilarious designs. They look so kawaii until you notice the one with the brutal shark attack!

rilakkuma ice cream light

This light up Rilakkuma ice cream was from the gashapon section and it’s really bright!

Neko Dango Plush

I was on the hunt for another Neko Dango plush to add to my growing collection so was pleased to find one at Something Kawaii.

kawaii cat purse

This kitty purse was really cute and they had quite a few different designs to choose from. You can see them all at Amazon Japan.

Kawaii backpack - Tokyo Toys

My fave purchase has to be my turquoise backpack from Tokyo Toys. It’s just perfect for displaying all my badges and you can customise it to make it entirely unique. Find out how to make one yourself.