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What’s New With Sumikko Gurashi

Posted on March 3, 2023 by

It’s been a while since we checked in with San-X and they have a new website design and lots of fun new themes for all their main characters. We’ll check in with some of the others later but Sumikko Gurashi have the most going on with new collections, collaborations, cafes, and more.

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The recent Welcome! Food Kingdom theme has completely broken me and I love everything about it. According to my Google-assisted translating efforts, Tonkatsu is invited to move to the food kingdom by a very fancy Tonkatsu King but decides he would miss his friends too much.

sumikko gurashi stickers

Personally, I would ditch my friends as the food kingdom looks amazing and has so many fun details and locations including Sodapop Lake, Omurice Mountain, a salad fountain, bento playpark and baguette buses. Of course all the products are incredible too with lots of plush, stationery, accessories and tableware. You can order everything from the San-X Shop (JP – requires forwarding service) or VeryGoods (JP) and there’s also free wallpapers.

sumikko gurashi cafe Japan

My absolute favourite thing is the onigiri-drawn sandwich carriage and I’m so happy to see there’s a pop-up cafe happening too so you can actually eat one! There’s also lots more cute dishes and drinks, plus exclusive merch. If you’ll be in Japan during March & April, look out for one in 5 major cities.

sumikko gurashi x baskin robbins ice cream

Staying with food, the newest collaboration is with Baskin Robbins and sees the Sumikkos getting in uniform and trying all of the 31 flavours. The collaboration goes both ways and Baskin Robbins shops will have Sumikko Gurashi-themed ice cream cups that you can add cute decorations to.

sumikko gurashi x baskin robbins ice cream

There’s a surprisingly large collection of merch that all goes on sale today and includes a plush ice cream shop playset, keyrings, stationery and bags. Use the same shopping links as above.

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You’d think that would be enough to keep them busy but some of the gang are also opening a street of shops! fromegg has shared a super cute stop motion unboxing of the Sumikko Gurashi Shops Re-Ment sets and I love them all. It’s certainly a step up from my local market. You can preorder single boxes and full sets from shops like oshoppu (UK) and Plaza Japan (JP).

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