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Pokemon Day Treats & Recipes

Posted on February 27, 2023 by

It’s Pokemon Day!! Let’s celebrate all things Pokemon with a collection of themed recipes fit for a Pokemon trainer. It’s definitely bittersweet this year as we will be saying goodbye to Ash and Pikachu, but I think they deserve the finest and most delicious of send offs.

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You can’t catch a Pokemon without a Poke Ball and even better if they’re ice cream sandwiches, like these from Kawaii Sweet World.

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However, every good Pokemon trainer has a selection of Poke Balls, so you should definitely whip up a batch of these cake pops from Rosanna Pansino. That way you can have Great Balls, Master Balls, or any other kind you fancy.

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Jigglypuff is probably the most perfect Pokemon to turn into a marshmallow and these from Manna-Tanuki are absolutely adorable. I know I’d prefer a Jigglypuff marshmallow on my hot chocolate instead of a normal one.

Pikachu vegan cake recipe

If, like me, your favourite Pokemon is Pikachu, then the best way to celebrate Pokemon Day is with this cake from Vegan Dollhouse as your centrepiece.

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Make your own collection of Pokemon with this doughnut recipe from Kawaii Sweet World. You can make any kind of Pokemon you like, but I think the rounder ones look the best!

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I really wish we lived in a world filled with Pokemon and with this video you can pretend that that’s a thing. The Pokemon Company JP released a winter special about a man who cooks treats for his Pokemon at home. The recipes aren’t clearly explained, but they’re very calming and relaxing to watch. A kind viewer has transcribed the ingredients and method in English in the comments below the video. The first video focuses on Pikachu cream puffs and Jigglypuff sweet breads.

Which is your favourite Pokemon?

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