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What’s New At San-X?

Posted on February 26, 2024 by

San-X keep coming up with amazing new themes for all their characters and we really should feature them more often. Here’s what’s new this month with Pokantotan, Sentimental Circus and Sumikko Gurashi. Shopping links and info is at the end of the post.


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I’m already such a big fan of Pokantotan and their second collection is my favourite this month. Pokantotan Outing is themed around going out but there’s always problems for the forgetful bunny and his dog and goat friends. We’re introduced to some of their possessions including a purse they left at home, a travel card they dropped and lost and a smartphone they forgot to charge!

Pokantotan plush

There’s lots of plushies of the main characters and all the objects, along with stationery and some useful pouches and bags. One of my favourite forms of kawaii is cute objects that you can use as the actual object so I’m especially excited about the travel card pass case and the purse pochette! Find out more and download free wallpapers.

Sumikko Gurashi

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As a fan of both Sumikko Gurashi and bunnies, I’m very happy to see the return of the Mysterious Rabbit. This time they get to try out a mysterious rabbit flower that makes wishes come true! Being the introverted homebody Sumikkos, they don’t have big dreams, just small wishes – something I can definitely relate to. Find out more and download free wallpapers.

As always, there’s tons of new plushies, including a new play set, some themed pairs and the Rabbit Meister himself. I love all the stationery too, plus there’s pouches, mugs, phone cases and more.

Sentimental Circus

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I don’t know why we so rarely feature Sentimental Circus but this new collection really caught my eye. The title seems to be difficult to translate but involves a daydream of characters Shappo & Mouton with a sky-blue theme and watercolour art style.

It’s definitely a dreamy theme with lots of cuddly plush, along with stationery and some relaxing homeware items like a headband and mug. Find out more and download free wallpapers.

Which is your favourite collection?

How to buy San-X

The collections above are all available now from San-X but you’ll need to use a forwarding service outside Japan. Otherwise you need to keep an eye on resellers. AmiAmi (JP) almost always has everything listed before release, Very Goods (JP) usually adds most items within a few weeks while international shops can take quite a few months. We can recommend Cuteness (EU – also does preorders), ARTBOX (UK) and Oshoppu (UK) or use our guide to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide for more options (sadly most US shops mainly stock San-X products made for the US market). You can also search on Ebay and Amazon Japan.

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