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Introducing Pokantotan From San-X

Posted on October 30, 2023 by

San-X have been quietly adding some new characters lately including Pokantotan, a slightly forgetful rabbit.

Watch on YouTube

I’m always happy to see new bunny characters and this is the second one from San-X lately, after Kumausa last year. You can get to know Pokantotan through a cute set of videos on the San-X channel. Quite often Pokantotan’s forgetfulness works out okay anyway as falling asleep on the train lets them see a beautiful sunset or adding too much water to the rice gives them some delicious rice porridge. I really love Pokantotan’s constant OH NO face and it’s a very relatable character for the current times when we all have a few too many things on our minds.

Pokantotan San-X characters

Pokantotan also has lots of fun friends including a cheerful dog, an anxious goat, a bird with a rabbit’s tail and a half-eaten carrot.

Pokantotan plushies

Of course, you can now buy some cute products featuring the gang including plush, stationery and stickers.

Pokantotan plush

I desperately need this plush envelope pouch that you can store things inside!

Pokantotan stickers

Pokantotan only debuted this month so currently I’ve only been able to find the products at a couple of shops – San-X (JP – requires forwarding service) and Meccha Japan (JP) . They should turn up at other San-X resellers eventually – UPDATE – Cuteness (EU) now have stock. Check our Shopping Guide page to find some near you and make a request.

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