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Summer At San-X

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It’s been way too long since we checked in with the San-X characters and both Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi have fun new collections for summer launching next week.

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Rilakkuma and friends are off on a camping trip in Kogumachan’s forest for a new Komorebi Camp theme. Komorebi translates as sunlight filtering through the trees so it’s a relaxing restorative break, rather than one filled with activities – I can relate!

camping Rilakkuma plush

All the plush are adorable, especially these camping sets – look at Rilakkuma in his sleeping bag! – plus there’s the whole gang in their camping outfits and even a little campfire.

Rilakkuma camping theme

There’s lots more too, including stationery and useful lifestyle items like a water bottle holder, smartphone strap, cutlery and a few different types of bags.

Sumikko Gurashi paper crafts

Sumikko Gurashi are off to the local festival instead and if you’re at all familiar with Japanese treats and games, there’s so much to enjoy here. Especially fun are these 2 paper craft sets that let you build your own stalls for the mini plush to interact with. You get so many different pieces to arrange for a really affordable price.

Sumikko Gurashi plush

Speaking of mini plushies, there’s plenty of those too and they’re as incredible as always, with everything from a shaved ice cup and chocolate banana to a little fish in a bag and a pool for fishing games.

Where to buy

Both collections can be previewed in the San-X Shop (JP – requires forwarding service) with orders opening on July 7th. You can also pre-order many items from VeryGoods (JP) , while international shops like Cuteness (EU) should have some items in stock later in the year.

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