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Cute Pink Plush For Sakura Season

Posted on March 18, 2022 by

The cherry blossom will soon be blooming in Japan and lots of kawaii characters seem to be turning pink too. Here’s some cute pink plush to help you welcome spring (however far away it feels near you!).

sakura Kiiroitori plush

Have you ever seen such a pretty Kiiroitori? This special sakura plush at ARTBOX (UK) has rose swirl fur that looks so soft, and he’s huge and huggable too.

Rilakkuma sakura squirrel plush

One of the newest friends of the Rilakkuma gang is Sakura the squirrel and I’m obsessed with this posing plush. It’s perfect for your sakura photos as you can bend it into lots of different poses. Get it from Cuteness (EU) or VeryGoods (JP) + here’s some tips for photographing toys.

Jinbe san sea bunny plush

We haven’t heard much from Jinbe San lately but the happy whale shark recently met some sea bunnies from the moon! The whole Umi Usagi theme is super cute and there’s a few other colours as well as pink. Everything goes on sale next week at San-X Japan (requires forwarding service), and should turn up at some of the San-X stockists linked above too.

dreamy pusheenicorn plush

We all love Pusheen as a unicorn but what about a pink Dreamy Pusheenicorn (US)? She looks so adorable with her pink cheeks and multicolour mane and tail.

tokidoki unicorno plush

tokidoki’s Unicorno is also looking very sparkly and this Quartzy plush (US) has a shimmery horn and hooves.

Pickles the frog plush

If you’re a frog fan, Pickles the Frog is now available as a limited sakura pink plush in 3 sizes, plus a keychain at VeryGoods (JP).

pink Alpacasso plush

Giant Alpacassos are a kawaii classic and if you don’t have one yet, pick up a pastel pink one at Tofu Cute (UK) with a ribbon bow and flower.

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