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Pokemon Day Picks

Posted on February 25, 2022 by

It’s Pokemon Day on Sunday so here’s some cute news, products and collaborations. Look out for shopping offers over the weekend too.

pokemon and eevee plush

UK fans have been horribly neglected but a Pokemon Centre UK shop finally opened quietly late last year. It started out pretty empty but now has a great range of plush, pins, clothing and more. You can even find limited editions that previously had to be imported from Japan, or are long sold out in other countries. There’s seasonal plush like Pikachu & Eevee in a basket of sweets and Intern Pikachu, plus lots of cosy winter accessories.

pokemon cafe miniatures

We had an amazing time at the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo and now you can get some of the most popular menu items in miniature form! This seems to be a special release as it’s not available from the usual miniatures stockists but you can get a random one at Meccha Japan (JP) or Asakura Japan (JP) will let you pick your favourite.

Pokemon x OMOCAT tshirts

Just released this week is a new Pokemon Center x OMOCAT t-shirt collaboration (UK/US). These are all so cool and it’s going to be tough to choose your team. I’m surprised to feel like I’d have to go with Team Poison.

pokemon sitting cuties plush

Pokemon plush collectors are probably already well aware of the Sitting Cuties range (UK/US) and it really is extremely cute. With over 500 available, you can get your most obscure favourite, even multiple Unown letters! Many of the most popular are sold out but the UK site still has a huge range in stock.

pikachu stationery

Over at the Pokemon Center Japan (requires forwarding service), there’s a very colourful new range of Pikachu stationery that includes memo pads, notebooks, pens, stickers and more. I’m always a fan of Pikachu hugging ketchup!

Who’s playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus? I’m tempted to pick up a copy soon.

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