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Kawaii Pancake Day Picks

Posted on February 16, 2021 by

It’s Pancake Day today in the UK and we definitely need a big stack this year. However you like to eat them, here’s some kawaii pancakes for your wish list.

Kawaii Pancake plush

Japanese souffle pancakes are popular lately, but tricky to make at home so snuggle up with a big mochi plush from Smoko (USA) instead! It’s out of stock just now but shipping in April so you can sign up to hear when they’re back.

pompompurin pancake pouch

PomPomPurin doesn’t just like pudding and his recent hotcake collection is too cute. I love this pouch at ARTBOX (UK) and Kawaii Panda (EU) have a lot of stationery including the Miki Takei collaboration.

Kawaii Pancake gachapon

Also at Kawaii Panda, these hamster pancake gachapon. You can buy them individually or get the whole lot and stack them up into a mega pancake.

Rilakkuma notebook

Rilakkuma is famously a big fan of hotcakes, as anyone who’s watched the Netflix show will know. He even makes sure to bring some on a trip into space, on this kawaii notebook at Jellybeet (USA).

Kawaii breakfast stickers

For indie artists, I love the style of these breakfast club stickers by BizzieCo (USA). The pancake is definitely my favourite and you can get it as a keyring too.

Kawaii sharks washi tape

Or how about a shark with a plate of pancakes? That’s just one of the illustrations on this fun shark friends washi tape by Robot Dance Battle (USA).

Pancake Day colouring sheet

While you wait for your pancakes, I’ve got a Pancake Day colouring sheet ready to download. It’s pay-what-you-can so free is okay but any donations will go towards making more printables and keeping SCK going. There’s also more things to make in my DIY Crafts For A Kawaii Pancake Day post from last year.

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