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Sumikko Gurashi Mysterious Rabbit Garden

Posted on January 25, 2021 by

San-X always know how to get me to pull out my credit card and I’d like to believe this new Sumikko Gurashi Mysterious Rabbit Garden collection was created just for me!

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Forever making new friends, this time the Sumikko gang discover a group of adorable bunnies in the forest and have a fun tea party together. But when they try to visit again they can’t find the garden any more. So mysterious! This collection is obviously perfect for Easter coming up and has a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel too.

Sumikko Gurashi Mysterious Rabbit Garden

You can download the free wallpapers and there’s also loads of cute new products to buy, of course! I can never resist the little plushies and this time we get the Sumikkos dressed up as bunnies, plus some adorable new rabbit characters.

Sumikko Gurashi Mysterious Rabbit Garden

There’s also larger plushies like this one of the Rabbit Meister, who has a fancy bow tie.

Sumikko Gurashi Mysterious Rabbit Garden

You’ll also find stationery, pouches, bags and even aprons! I love these mugs that have pretty lids to keep your tea warm.

Sumikko Gurashi Mysterious Rabbit Garden

While not part of this collection, I’m obsessed with these new shelves for displaying your mini plush and other kawaii treasures. They seem to be quite small so shouldn’t be too expensive to ship. I am definitely getting one!

Sumikko Gurashi Mysterious Rabbit Garden

How to buy

The collection goes on sale at San-X Japan on the 3rd of February – you can view all the products here in advance. You’ll need to use a forwarding service for international orders but it’s quite easy, as my bank balance will prove! You may also eventually be able to buy some of the products from resellers that ship internationally including AmiAmi (Japan), VeryGoods (Japan), (EU), ARTBOX (UK) MaryBear (USA) and ShopKawaii (USA).

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