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Cute Daruma Doll Accessories

Posted on October 27, 2020 by

A Daruma doll is a Japanese traditional doll that is seen as a symbol of good luck. The traditional Daruma comes with 2 blank eyes. You can select a goal (or wish) and paint in the doll’s left eye. Once the desired goal is reached, the doll’s right eye is filled. Nowadays you can find cute Daruma dolls and accessories in various shapes.

Cute Daruma enamel pin

This Daruma enamel pin from Crafterzan (NZ) comes with a blank right eye. It can be filled to give thanks once your wish comes true.

Cute Daruma art print

The kawaii Neko cat / Daruma doll print from Michelle Coffee (US) would brighten up any room. And it just might bring you double luck.

Cute Daruma bag charm

At Kawaii Panda (EU) you can find this kawaii Monchhichi Daruma charm, perfect to hold your keys or to hang from your bag.

Cute Daruma face mask

We’ve shown kawaii face masks on SCK before and I think this Daruma and Manekineko face mask also deserves a spot. It’s handmade by KawaiiBcn (EU) with double cotton and an inside filter pocket.

Cute Daruma stickers

And if you are more of a dog-person I can recommend these Daruma Shiba Inu stickers from BorkCorp (US).

Watch on YouTube

Naomi’s Space shows how to make a Daruma inspired vase from air dry clay The tutorial is aimed at beginners and I think that the end result looks very cute!

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