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The votes have been counted for the 2020 Sanrio Character Ranking and the winners announced with a surprising all-dog top 3! I’ve had a look around for some cute products featuring the favourites.

Cinnamoroll kawaii doll

Cinnamoroll held on to the top spot for another year and will be getting a special collection for the holidays. In the meantime, I spotted this adorable little flocked doll set at VeryGoods (Japan), which comes with a bag and water bottle. More of the Sanrio characters are available too.

Perennial runner-up Pompompurin takes second place again, but is always the winner in my heart! Kawaii Panda (EU) have some adorable stationery in stock and I love all the food and drink themes.

I didn’t expect to see Pochacco at number 3 but apparently he’s big in Hong Kong. YesStyle (HK) has a nice range of Pochacco items including cute hand creams from a collaboration with ITS’DEMO.

Hello Kitty x Esther Bunny

That’s the overall top 3 but you can also view the regional winners from around the world. Hello Kitty was the top pick for US voters and has a very kawaii new collection with Esther Bunny. ShopSanrio (UK) has it all including tote bags, pillows, clothing, stationery and more.

Gudetama cafe UK

In the UK, Kuromi was top, but I want to feature runner-up Gudetama as the good news for UK fans is that the ARTBOX Cafe is back open in Brighton! It’s takeaway ice creams and drinks only for now but you can also pick up exclusive products in their boutique shop like this fun mug and coaster set. If you can’t make it, there’s loads of Gudetama available online at ARTBOX (UK).

sanrio kawaii glasses

And one last pick as I love these double walled cups at Sanrio Japan. When you pour in a drink it will fill the character’s head, and the empty space will help keep your drink cool for longer.

Did you vote for one of the winners? Which Sanrio characters would you like us to feature more often?

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  1. Suzanne avatar

    I’m pleased Gudetama is well, but I’d love more Aggretsuko and her friends. I’ve worked awful office jobs and she’s very cathartic

  2. Kris avatar

    I like all the characters that won, though my all-time fave is Hello Kitty. But, I agree with Suzanne….more Aggretsuko and her buddies!! Love them, and I don’t feel like they are featured on enough products!

  3. Marceline avatar

    Aggretsuko is a really weird situation as you can only buy products in the US. There is literally nothing in the Sanrio Japan store. So we do feature her when we can but the lack of choice and international shipping makes it difficult. I love Aggretsuko and her friends too and really hope the Japanese fanbase grows.

  4. Kris avatar

    Marceline, I did not know that! That’s very interesting! Any ideas why the fan base is so limited at the moment?

    1. Marceline avatar

      It’s just cultural preferences I guess. If you look at the regional results, they are so different. Aggretsuko really resonated with Americans (and UK/EU but we don’t have localised Sanrio products or stores), especially because Netflix is so popular, and Sanrio USA were quick to do licensing deals. I think Aggretsuko was created for the anime so not given a proper character launch and regular product collections in Japan like their usual new characters. The only place I saw Aggretsuko products in Japan was the TV characters shop at the Sky Tree.

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