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Our reader survey showed that many of you enjoy posts about cute characters and origami, so I decided to give you a mix of both. Here are some cute character origami kits and free tutorials that you might enjoy.

Sanrio kawaii origami

This kawaii Sanrio character origami book (Japan) is in Japanese, but there are probably step by step pictures to help you out. You get to fold Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Hummingmint and more cute characters! The book is also available from Etsy seller Pompadour24 (Japan) and both sites ship worldwide.

Tuxedo Sam kawaii origami

At the Sanrio USA website you can print a Tuxedo Sam bowtie to fold. Thanks to the clear instructions, this project would also be doable if you’re new to origami.

Sumikko Gurashi kawaii origami

At ARTBOX (UK) you can sometimes find character origami kits, complete with printed paper. Marceline has reviewed their Hello Kitty Origami kit before. I think that this Sumikko Gurashi house papercraft set should also be a lot of fun to make.

Ghibli kawaii origami

Studio Ghibli fans might enjoy the Kiki Delivery Service origami kit available at Hamee Strapya World (Japan). It comes packed with papers to make Jjji, Lily, black cat mug, Kiki’s red bow, the airship and much more.

Watch on YouTube

If you are looking to just make Jiji the black cat from Kiki, you could try out this cute free origami DIY by gunoie japan.

Pikachu & Totoro kawaii origami

You can also make a Totoro origami with the free printable paper and tutorial from Paper Kawaii. Origami Pikachu is another free character origami DIY on that site!

Have a look in our archives for lots more kawaii origami DIYs.

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