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Eco Friendly Kawaii Home Decorations

Posted on February 11, 2020 by

At SCK we’ve posted about eco friendly gifts and eco-conscious living picks before. I try to leave a small ecological footprint, but there’s still room for improvement. I’ve collected a few more kawaii tips to eco friendly living.

Eco Friendly Kawaii Home - sloth light

When it comes to lights, it’s best to look for ones that are energy efficient and that can hold LED light bulbs. For instance this Sleepy Sloth and Moon light from Disaster Designs (EU), made from polyresin would be a great pick. I’ve been using this ceramic cactus lamp (EU) that I still enjoy very much.

Eco Friendly Kawaii Home - bubble tea light

If you need a small light without a cable, it’s a good idea to search for one that can run on rechargeable batteries. The Smoko Boba Tea light (USA) is made from plastic, but it does run on AAA batteries.

Eco Friendly Kawaii Home - cat blanket

For home decorations it’s good to look for natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and bamboo. Even your cat can be eco-friendly by using this soft blanket made from natural fabrics by Want More Meows (USA).

Eco Friendly Kawaii Home - Cinnamoroll towel

I’m guilty of using paper towels and paper handkerchiefs, while it’s best for the environment to use washable ones. And there are quite some cute ones out there! At CuteHandkerchief (Thailand) you can find a nice selection of vintage kawaii character handkerchiefs. ARTBOX (UK) also offers many cute character face towels.

Eco Friendly Kawaii Home - unicorn planter

Plants can help to improve the air quality inside your house. This Rainbow Unicorn planter from Sass & Belle (UK) would make any plant look cute. The thrift store is also a great place to look for ceramic planters that you can upcycle with ceramic markers.

Eco Friendly Kawaii Home - tea box

Accessories or furniture made from ethically sourced, FSC certified wood make great decorations for your home. For instance this Personalised FSC Wooden Tea Box by Jungley (UK) would be a lovely gift to yourself or a friend.

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