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Cute Eco Friendly Gifts

Posted on November 27, 2019 by

We’re all trying to do better at reducing waste and Christmas can be difficult. Here’s some gift ideas that will help you stay eco friendly and cute.

Cute Eco Friendly Gifts - sumiiko gurashi reusable silicon straw

Many cafes and restaurants are getting rid of plastic straws but the paper ones can be annoying to use. Hashy (Japan) make reusable silicon straws that come with a cleaning brush and can be folded up into a small case. Best of all, they have kawaii character designs including Sumikko Gurashi, Sanrio and Miffy.

Cute Eco Friendly Gifts - kawaii furoshiki

Ditch the wrapping paper and make the wrapping into an extra gift with furoshiki fabric. It can be reused in multiple ways and comes in lots of cute fabrics. ALXNDRA (UK) has a really sweet design of kokeshi dolls and ghosts that comes in two sizes and she’ll even do the wrapping if you’re buying another gift from her store.

Cute Eco Friendly Gifts - shampoo bar

I’ve been meaning to try out solid shampoo bars for ages but there’s so many, it’s hard to know where to start. I’m sure others feel the same way so help a friend out by gifting one of the colourful shampoo bars from Lush (UK / USA) plus a storage tin for travel.

Cute Eco Friendly Gifts - reusable fabric pads

Beauty products can be very wasteful and reusable pads and wipes make for a great gift. MummyMarvellousMakes (UK) have loads of handmade pads and wipes with plenty of cute fabrics to choose from including bunnies, cats and strawberries.

Cute Eco Friendly Gifts - recycled paper notebooks

Lots of Etsy sellers are now turning to recycled materials so try adding terms like recycled, eco friendly and FSC certified to your searches. These fruity notebooks by Whimsy and Frip (UK) are made of recycled paper and are very affordable for a super cute little extra gift.

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Prefer to DIY or low on cash? Red Ted Art have some kawaii upcycling ideas so you can turn old bottles, cans and newspapers into something much cuter like pencil pots, pencil toppers and gift boxes.

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