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Shopping Picks For Year of the Rat & Mouse

Posted on January 15, 2020 by

2020 is the year of the rat or mouse and Andi has already shared some cute craft projects. If you’re a fan of small rodents, it’s a good year for you to do some shopping – we don’t often see kawaii rats but I’ve found a few, plus mice too.

year of the rat/mouse - kawaii rat plush

Yes, cute rat plushies do exist, thanks to Flat Bonnie (USA)! They’re handmade and customisable so you can choose the fur and eye colours.

year of the rat/mouse - kawaii rat stickers

The Pipsqueakery (USA) is a rodent and rabbit rescue and sanctuary and you can help support them through their cute Etsy shop. They sell a big range of stickers, pins and apparel featuring rats, mice, hamsters, bunnies, guinea pigs and more.

year of the rat/mouse - Disney Mickey Mouse pin set

I was struggling to think of a kawaii mouse character but of course there’s Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse. Since they’re so popular in Japan, there’s all kinds of adorable items in the Disney Japan store like this sweet pin set. They don’t ship internationally but you can order through VeryGoods.

year of the rat/mouse - pompompurin plush

For Japanese characters, I think we only have sidekicks. Maybe Pompompurin’s friend Scone will get a chance to shine in 2020! You can find this plush on eBay.

year of the rat/mouse - kawaii mouse ceramics

Siro’s Funny Animals (Japan) has a very cute ceramic mouse figure available. It’s one of a kind and includes a rice cake for a sweet New Year decoration.

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