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Always With Rilakkuma Plush & Outfits

Posted on September 9, 2019 by

You might remember the Rilakkuma and Kogumachan dress-up plushies Nicolette and I bought in Japan. We’re still pretty obsessed with them and pick up new outfits regularly. They even have deckchairs to sit in! We’re all going on holiday together later this month so we’ll take more photos for you.

Rilakkuma plush outfits

If you’ve been thinking about getting one too, now is a great time to jump in as there’s a whole new collection with fluffy plushies, outfits, accessories and more.

Watch on YouTube

There’s a super cute video to introduce the collection with Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma dressing up tiny dolls of themselves and their friends. You can also download free wallpapers for your phone or computer.

Rilakkuma plush outfits

The plushies have had a makeover too with new fluffy versions of all the gang. They’re a special size to fit the outfits and come with a strong keyring so you can hang them on your bag. The three bears can wear the same clothes but Kiiroitori has his own wardrobe.

Rilakkuma plush outfits

Some of the older outfits are still available and there’s some new ones too including the most adorable dungarees with camera and a bear twinning set. You can also buy some photo accessories including a stick to hold them up and a angel wings stand.

Rilakkuma plush outfits

If you don’t fancy getting sucked into outfit collecting, there’s more cute stuff too including stationery, bags and these big plushies. You can pop your keyring plush in Rilakkuma’s pocket!

Rilakkuma plush outfits

The Always With Rilakkuma collection launches on the San-X Japan site in October (exact date TBA – follow them on Twitter for updates). I expect it to be very popular so get your Tenso account set up (for mail forwarding outside of Japan) and be ready to set an alarm on launch day and grab what you want.

You’ll also be able to preorder for a limited time from AmiAmi who ship worldwide, and some items may be available from resellers including Mary Bear (USA), Mira Plush (Hong Kong), Rilakkuma Shop (Singapore) and Ebay.

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