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Rilakkuma Always Together Dress-Up Plush

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We’re back from our super cute trip to Japan and will share more about that over the next few months. But first, I wanted to show you something we spent far too much money on in Japan – Rilakkuma Always Together plush.

Rilakkuma Always Together Dress-Up Plush

You choose a keyring-sized plush of Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma or Kogumachan (there’s also separate plush sets with Kiiroitori) and then there are loads of adorable little outfits you can buy to dress them up in. We very quickly got obsessed as they look so cute and you can mix and match the pieces to make new outfits.

Rilakkuma Always Together Dress-Up Plush Rilakkuma Always Together Dress-Up Plush

Look at their cosy Autumn outfits! The hats are designed with a hole for the keyring part so you can hang them on your bag without worrying about losing anything.

Rilakkuma Always Together Dress-Up Plush

We were initially sucked in by the Halloween outfits – a box of four spooky cute costumes that we could kind-of justify by splitting the cost between us and sharing them. Rilakkuma Ghost and Kogumachan Pumpkin were the cutest companions for a Halloween celebration at Universal Studios Japan. Of course, there was also a Christmas set that was impossible to resist so look out for some festive dress up photos on our Instagram next month!

Rilakkuma Always Together Dress-Up Plush

If you’d like to join in, you can order everything online from the San-X shop (using a forwarding service like Tenso). You can also find the plush on eBay and the outfits on Mochi Store (who ship worldwide from Japan). If you’re visiting Japan yourself, look for them at Kiddyland, the Rilakkuma Stores and Yamashiroya in Ueno. I apologise for all the money you’ll end up spending!

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    November 12, 2018 at 5:43 pm

    kawaii these outfits are super cute .. i need to try it sooooo badly

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