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Cute Bubble Tea Picks

Posted on July 2, 2019 by

Bubble tea is still very popular and many artists are inspired by this sweet drink. Let’s see which bubble tea inspired items might refresh your day.

Kawaii Bubble Tea Sticker

This boba buds weatherproof sticker by Cissy’s Art Cafe (USA) would be great to show others your love for bubble tea.

Kawaii Bubble Tea Sticker

Kirby feels right at home in his favorite bubble tea! This cute bubble tea sticker is made by Mushimoo on Etsy (USA).

Kawaii Bubble Tea Bookmark

Another way to incorporate more bubble tea in your life, is by using this large kawaii magnetic bookmark by craftedvan (Canada).

Kawaii Bubble Tea Carriers

Up until recently I wasn’t aware that you can place you bubble tea in special carriers, to keep your hands from freezing! Not only are these carriers handy, they look super cute as well.

Kawaii Bubble Tea Carrier

Choose between a shiba inu butt tea carrier on Pinkoi (Taiwan) or a cute animal patterned holder from 36th (USA).

Kawaii Bubble Tea Cup

This reusable cup and straw at Boba2Go (Canada) is perfect to consume your favourite bubble tea without polluting the environment. It works great on milkshakes and smoothies too, most shops won’t mind filling it for you.

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If you are feeling creative, you could also try to make this cute bubble tea keychain by Chelsey DIY!

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