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Cute Frogs To Bring Home

Posted on June 11, 2019 by

Even though frogs don’t have a high cuddle-ability factor, they are quite cute to look at. Especially in Japan you can find many cute characters based on frogs.

Pickles the Frog keychain

Pickles the Frog has already turned 25 this year! It’s a little difficult to find him outside of Japan, but you best bet would be eBay, that’s where I spotted this Pickles the Frog keychain.

Keroppi kawaii frog

Keroppi from Sanrio is another well known cute frog. You can shop his character goodies at Sanrio (USA) and Artbox (UK).

kawaii Frog gummies

The Waku Waku Zukan Frog gummies at Kawaii Panda (EU) are shaped like tadpoles and frogs. From experience I can tell that this candy -with grape and green apple flavour- is quite a nice treat!

kawaii frogs sticker pack

This handmade frog sticker pack from prismHexes (USA) looks so cute! These kawaii tadpoles and frogs will certainly spruce up your stationery.

kawaii frog sticker

This frog with dango sticker from ShopZoki (UK) is perfect to decorate your laptop, phone or planner. You could also use it on outdoor items, since the sticker is made from durable vinyl.

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