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Super Cute Mamegoma Picks

Posted on August 28, 2018 by

San-X has designed over a hundred kawaii characters over the years, but I feel as if we only ever regularly see a select few outside Japan. One of my favourites is multicoloured seal gang Mamegoma, so I decided to go on a hunt to see what cute merchandise I could find online. Step aside, Rilakkuma — it’s Mamegoma’s time to shine!

Mamegoma kawaii notepad

First up is this miniature Mamegoma memo pad from Kawaii Panda. It has 100 sheets of paper in two adorable designs, and is perfect for quickly jotting down notes, or even crafting with.

Mamegoma kawaii stationery

Call me old-fashioned, but I love sending and receiving snail mail. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy receiving something other than household bills in their mailbox, especially when it’s as adorable as this letter set at Shop Kawaii!

Mamegoma kawaii bag
Mamegoma kawaii pouch

Mamegoma love dressing up as other marine mammals, and this pool bag at San-X showcases their many cute costumes. It also comes with a small pouch that’s ideal for storing loose change or accessories in. Unfortunately, San-X only deliver to Japan, but you can still order internationally using a forwarding service like Tenso.

Mamegoma kawaii pencil case

This pastel Mamegoma-print pencil case from Kawaii Panda is sure to brighten up even the dreariest of desks!

Mamegoma kawaii sweatshirt

I’m always on the look out for super cute clothing featuring my favourite characters, and this brightly coloured sweatshirt from JapanLA ticks every box.

Are you a fan of Mamegoma, too? Which of the above merch is your favourite? Leave a comment and let me know!

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    August 28, 2018 at 6:27 pm

    I love Mamegoma!

    The pool bag is adorable.
    I have a few Mamegoma Memo pads and a plush Mamegoma key chain, Dresses up as a bumblebee. It’s sure a few years old, but still super cute!^-^

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