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Lately it seems to be a bit of a trend to turn animals or objects that aren’t cute at first sight into plushies. And somehow that works perfectly, as the following whimsical plushies will demonstrate.

whimsical plushies - kawaii tardigrade water bear

The odd microscopic Water Bear/Tardigrade creature has been immortalised into a giant plush by Smoko.

whimsical plushies kawaii microbes

At Giant Microbes you can also find plush organisms and cells, a million times their actual size. Their XL Heart plush comes with plasma and blood cells minis!

whimsical plushies sea creatures

The “Munyu Mamu” series at Hamee Strapya World features several tiny plush creatures. How about a Squid, Wooper Looper or Stag Beetle to cuddle with?

whimsical plushies kawaii cats wearing hats

These cat plush from Tokyo Otaku Mode are patiently putting up with being made to wear silly hats. All of them have funny expressions from amused to peeved – which one would you pick?

whimsical plushies kawaii happy gudetama

Gudetama is the lazy, somewhat depressed, egg from Sanrio. But at ARTBOX you can actually find a (not so typical) smiling Gudetama plush!

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