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Spooky McCute the Friendly Ghost

Posted on June 26, 2017 by

Have you met Spooky McCute? He’s a very friendly ghost who loves candy, cosplay and cuddles! Created by KiraKiraDoodles, he’s now taking over the internet with his cute adventures.

Spooky McCute kawaii ghost plush

He’s available as a plush that’s the perfect size for hugging and always looks happy to join in with whatever you’re doing.

Spooky McCute kawaii ghost cosplay

He also recently released Spooky’s Guide to Cosplay, a zine full of all his best outfits.

Spooky McCute kawaii ghost stationery

Spooky can also keep your organised with a kawaii notepad for your to do lists, or just for doodling.

Spooky McCute kawaii ghost plush

If you want to make friends with Spooky McCute, check out his Instagram or shop online at KiraKiraDoodles for stickers, pins and more.

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