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Cooking with Dog

Cooking with Dog is a super cute Japanese YouTube channel that has been around for quite some time. Francis the dog will sit (or sleep) next to Chef, watching her while she cooks. He will narrate the episode in English (with an accent ;)), making it easier for everyone to understand the recipes. Sadly Francis is no longer with us, but the YouTube channel is still going strong.

Cooking with Dog

The show teaches you how to prepare traditional Japanese dishes, such as bento and gyoza in a simple way. Chef shows everything she does step-by-step. This way you can pick up some cooking skills as well, for instance how to easily chop vegetables.

Francis also makes his appearance on cute cookware. You can find a nice range of Cooking with Dog items at Bento & Co and an apron at Otaku Mode.

Cooking with Dog

Cooking with Dog

Joanna Zhou AKA Maqaroon is responsible for the branding, logo and illustrations of Francis the poodle chef ^_^. You might want to check out her DIY for a needle felt version of Francis!

Cooking with Dog

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