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Molang Figurines and Stickers

Posted on May 9, 2017 by


From the moment that I saw the chubby Molang bunny, he totally won me over. I’ve got a couple of Molang items at home, but was still on the lookout for a set of figurines. So when a set with both Molang and PiuPiu showed up, I somehow hit the ‘buy it now button’.


I was really on the lookout for official items and therefore bought from an online Korean shop. Both the figurines and stickers came with an official Molang sticker on the back of the package.



The figurines are so pretty! And at 5 cm (2 in) Molang has just the right size for miniature food, such as strawberries and coffee. You might have seen some of their latest adventures on my Instagram feed (^_^)


The new set of Molang Diary stickers also caught my eye. The drawings are made in soft pencil lines and the designs are just super cute. They come in a pack of 8 sticker sheets and I’m certainly planning on using them for my journal.


I’ve bought the items from Molang Shop on eBay but you can also find a selection of their inventory on Etsy, plus follow their adventures on the official Molang Tumblr.

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