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DIY Miniature Rooms and Terrariums

Posted on October 11, 2016 by

I’ve recently stumbled upon some great DIY miniature kits and terrariums on Etsy.


This miniature Totoro diorama really stood out to me. I don’t think this is official Ghibli merchandise, but it looks well-made and very pretty.


There’s also a glass ball with Alice in Wonderland having a tea party. This diorama comes with little LED lights, which is great for the upcoming dark evenings.


This mint coloured miniature vacation home would be my go-to place if it really existed! How cute is this DIY kit? You can also watch Maqaroon build it on YouTube.


The lights from this miniature girls room actually work once you’ve assembled the kit. Don’t expect to fit a Blythe or other big doll in here, as the room is quite small at 16x16x13 cm. From the look of it I think the scale is 1:12, but it might even be smaller.


There’s just something about miniature cakes and everything falls right into place in this miniature DIY bakery. It even comes with a tiny music box!

You can find all these miniature DIY kits at various sellers on Etsy.

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