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Let’s go Mushroom Hunting

Posted on September 22, 2015 by

Nothing says autumn like mushrooms, so I picked some cute ones for you to forage.

Momo Kitty Creations

Momo Kitty Creations really makes the most cutest mushroom charms! You can find more species at her Etsy shop.

Mama Mayberry’s

Discover this sweet plush mushroom and other toadstools at Mama Mayberry’s.

Tofu Cute

These rare smiling mushrooms are hiding at Tofu Cute. The letter paper contains funny phrases such as “I am a little mushroom boy”, and “My house is in the forest and everyone can come to play”.

Mind Wave

I’ve got this Mind Wave sticker sack filled with fungi at home and really enjoy the characters. You can forage it at Kawaii Shop Japan and Kawaii Stickers 4 You.


The colourful mushroom from Sugar Hotel at Artbox comes in various shapes, such as a pin badges, notebooks and cushions. Which one would you like to pick?

Updated 2020: Most of these products are no longer available – use our guide to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide instead or have a look at Our Favourite Kawaii Artists, Designers & Makers.

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