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Cute K-Pop Photocard Holders

Posted on September 5, 2023 by

We all need to protect our precious photocards in one way or another, whether that be an album, holder or toploader, so why not show them off in something cute.

BT21 photocard holders

K-Stars is a brick and mortar store in Manchester, UK, but they also have an online store with a selection of group specific holders like BTS and Ateez.

kawaii photocard holders

Beckycas (SWI) has a photocard holder complete with her cute little animal designs on, which is perfect to show your love for any of your favourite members.

Sanrio photo frames

ARTBOX (UK) is a treasure trove for kawaii goodness and their display frames are no exception, as they have some themed to Sanrio characters. Combine your love for K-pop and Sanrio with this Kuromi one and definitely put a photo of Lee Know in it. IYKYK.

kawaii photocard holders

Kawaii Magic Shop (UK) has a huge selection of card holders and this flip phone one is super nostalgic.

kawaii decoden photocard holders

If you’re looking for something completely different, then these decoden style toploaders from ByjennylyCo (UK) are an absolute statement. The shop has different themes and colours to choose from, including a Christmas one for those special seasonal photos.

K-Pop photocard holders

Sooang Studio (KR) is a Korean company selling photocard holders alongside stickers, photocard albums and more. These fruit themed holders are adorable, but if you can’t get them in your country, you could try Sokollab (UK) instead.

kawaii photocard holders

Okiki is an adorable Korean brand and Sokollab (UK) also stock their photocard holders amongst some of their other stationery products. This little chick would be perfect for any SKZ fans with Felix as their bias.

kawaii photocard holders

Studio Velvet KT (UK) always sells the prettiest photocard holders at conventions and fairs around the UK and internationally too. Luckily, they’ve just been added to the website so you can order them online too, alongside her gorgeous artwork. 

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