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Cute Characters: Kawaii Couples

Posted on June 23, 2023 by

As part of our series on (re-) introducing cute and well-loved characters, here are some more kawaii duos! This is a follow-up to our previous post on iconic kawaii duos, and this time we’ll be featuring some super cute couples.

Mocha & Latte (SugarCubs)

Mocha & Latte (SugarCubs)

Cuddly bear couple Mocha and Latte make up the SugarCubs. They are characters under Minto (formerly Quan Inc.), who have also created the cute and popular duo of Mimi and Neko. You may have already seen this sweet pair as Facebook or LINE stickers.

where to buy SugarCubs

You can buy official SugarCubs merch from Pop Parade (TH). I’ve made a few purchases from them myself, such as shirts, enamel pins, and plushies, so I can attest that their product quality is pretty good. You can also support the cubs on Ko-fi, where you can also access exclusive digital content such as wallpapers and PNG images.

Yuta & Bella (Tonton Friends)

Yuta & Bella (Tonton Friends)

Yuta and Bella are part of Tonton Friends, a cute and charming group of pals. They also recently got married! You can follow Yuta, Bella, and the rest of Tonton Friends through short comics showing their bits of their daily life.

where to buy Tonton Friends

Tonton Forest (KR) is where you can get official merch, however, the store hasn’t added any new stock for quite some time now so it’s best to keep your eyes peeled on their socials for updates. You can also support the creator on Patreon for access to bonus comic panels. Free mobile wallpapers are also available in both English and Korean.

Milk & Mocha

Milk & Mocha

Another adorable bear couple on this list are Klova Studios’ Milk and Mocha Bear. You may have seen their heartwarming interactions on TikTok or YouTube shorts, or their stickers on various messaging apps.

where to buy Milk & Mocha

You can get your own Milk and Mocha merch through the official Klova Studios website, where you can easily select your location or a region closest to you. They have a wide variety of merchandise available, from stationery and accessories to apparel. Check out their Instagram highlights as well for free mobile wallpapers.

Choco & Pancake

Choco & Pancake

Choco and Pancake are a literal sweet couple who bring a lot of relatable amusement through their TikToks and YouTube shorts. You may have also seen them as stickers in different messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, LINE, and Telegram.

where to buy Choco & Pancake

Grab your dose of Choco and Pancake merch through the official webstore, or show your support through Ko-fi and get access to wallpapers, printables, and other perks. You can also scroll through their Ko-fi as some free matching phone wallpapers are available.

Who’s your favourite of these kawaii couples? We’re no longer doing polls but if you voted in the Birds polls, Rowlet was the winner on both.

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