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Amazing Artists at MCM Comic Con 2022

Posted on November 22, 2022 by

I discovered so many great artists at MCM Comic Con this year (too many to include in this post!), so I’m going to share a few of them with you all. A lot of my favourites from Hyper Japan were back again, so make sure to check out my artist post from the summer as they won’t be included here.

RelatableDoodles at MCM Comic Con 2022
RelatableDoodles comic

Relatable Doodles has a very famous web comic and the artist’s stall was full of prints, stickers and badges in her signature kawaii style, including my favourite, a print of one of her little frog surrounded by grass type Pokemon. The prints of the frogs representing each of the zodiac signs were also really cute. Webtoons / Instagram

BeckyT at MCM Comic Con 2022
RuthHammond sticker

Becky T Arts drew me to her stand with a gorgeous selection of prints depicting groups of animals and their collective names (the otters in particular). While she has plenty of other themes for her drawings, her ones of the natural world were definitely my favourite. Shop / Instagram

AnnaHollinrake at MCM Comic Con 2022
AnnaHollinrake art print

Anna Hollinrake’s art is absolutely stunning. Taking inspiration from her travels and the different locations she visits, she creates beautiful landscapes in a dreamlike style. I knew I had to take one of her prints home with me, and the one with the jungle hut and the waterfall was calling my name. Shop / Instagram

RuthHammond at MCM Comic Con 2022
RuthHammond washi tape

Ruth Hammond is a children’s book illustrator and her colourful, bold and whimsical designs definitely reflect this. Unsurprisingly, her comic book called ‘Catventures’ (about the cats in her life) caught my eye immediately, but it was actually the animal print washi tape that were some of my favourite pieces on her stand. Shop / Instagram

SweetArcade at MCM Comic Con 2022
SweetArcade washi tape

Sweet Arcade is a literal pastel haven of art, where you can see characters from your favourite anime (and original designs too), all through a dreamy, pastel coloured lens. The Ghibli inspired ones were some of my favourites, but I also loved the originality of their record player pond and 3D washi tape designs. Instagram

GeenieJay at MCM Comic Con 2022
GeenieJay art print

Geeniejay’s stand was full of fun brightly coloured pieces, including clothing, accessories and stationery. The window frame memo pads were a highlight, but my favourite piece that stood out the most to me, was the greeting card with a fossil design that just says ‘Ur Ancient’! Shop / Instagram

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