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This is part of a series of posts where we’ll (re-) introduce you to a themed set of cute characters and where to buy products that feature them. Today we’ll talk about hamsters, because they are super kawaii to begin with!


Kawaii hamsters - Hamtaro

Hamtaro (also spelled as Hamutaro) is probably the most well known hamster character. He is seen as the main character of the Ham-Hams, a group of hamster friends. Hamtaro loves to help his friends out and he’s innocent but brave at the same time. You might know Hamtaro from the TV series, which started airing in 2000. I also remember the cute merchandise and video games of Hamtaro, such as Rainbow Rescue for the Game Boy Advance. The Hamtaro Wiki has got lots of more info about the Ham-Hams.

Hamtaro and his friends are for sale at Japanese webshops such as HLJ and AmiAmi. You can also find the Hamtaro Room Re-ment at Kawaii Panda (EU) and Tofu Cute (UK).


Kawaii hamsters - Cheek Pusheen

Cheek is a friend of Pusheen! This cute hamster loves to cook and to go on adventures.

You can find Cheek at the Pusheen Shop (US) or at official resellers such as ARTBOX (UK). Also check out the Pusheen blog for more cute hamster gifs and Cheek inspired treats.

CoroCoro Kuririn

Kawaii hamsters - CoroCoro Kuririn

Corocoro Kuririn (also written as Korokoro Kuririn) is a character by Sanrio from 1998. This golden hamster can often be seen wearing his flower hat. His favorite foods are cookies and sunflower seeds. He also loves to crawl into tiny spaces. Kuririn and his wife Sakura have a multitude of children: Chibikuri, Komachi, Walnut, Cherry, Shingo, Milk, and Chacha.

Because Corocoro Kuririn is a vintage hamster character, it’s hard to come across new merchandise. You’d best look on websites such as eBay to find this golden hamster.


Kawaii hamsters - Korohamu

Korahamu (or Coroham Coron) has been made by the Japanese toy company Amuse, which is also known for their Alpacasso. I believe that you can win this plush from arcades in Japan. Korahamu loves to roll around or to eat sunflowers. The hamster friends come in many colours.

Korohamu is available from official resellers of Amuse items, such as Tofu Cute (UK), Jellybeet (US) and Tokyo Otaku Mode (JP).

Who’s your favourite of these kawaii hamsters? We’ll have a poll on Twitter & Instagram later today. If you voted in the dogs character polls, we had our first tie on Instagram between Pompompurin and Cinnamoroll but since Pompompurin just edged it on Twitter, he’s the winner.

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    I was so happy to see a hamster character article! One of my fav critters! I have a bunch of amuse plushes of their ham characters, they get the feel of them so well! That said- I’m going to need to nab myself some hamtaro rement

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