Cute Korean Sticker Shops Guide

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There are plenty of kitschy Korean stationery shops and brands that have become popular among kawaii journaling social media accounts, but have you ever wondered how to snag some stickers of your own? This list is for you! All shops ship internationally from South Korea unless otherwise noted.

Cute Korean Sticker Shops


You used to only be able to order from Put So Nyeon and Cotton Danchoo through the LINE messenger app, but now you can conveniently place an order through their Putdanchoo website!

Cute Korean Sticker Shops


The DuruNaru Etsy shop is definitely the easiest way to purchase from a wide variety of Korean brands at one time, though shipping is typically pretty pricey. You can also find other journaling products like diary refills and memos.

Cute Korean Sticker Shops


While not based in Korea, the artist style of Mintymentaiko (SG) is heavily influenced by the kitschy-cute style of other Korean sticker brands.

Cute Korean Sticker Shops


If you live in the US and don’t want to risk a long wait for an international order, oorichingoo (US – no international shipping) sells stickers from both well-known brands, like Joie Atelier, along with indie brands like Put So Nyeon .

Cute Korean Sticker Shops


LUCALAB is a great place to buy Korean style stickers as well as the jelly diaries and refills you often see featured on Korean journaling accounts.

Cute Korean Sticker Shops


Sosorowa is a convenient webshop that offers stickers from a variety of different indie artists and brands. Their check out method is very simple and similar to the Manet webshop.

Cute Korean Sticker Shops


Lovticker is another one-stop shop that sells lots of different Korean indie brand stickers. You can also find other journaling supplies like tapes and memos on the site, too.

Cute Korean Sticker Shops


While 10×10 is probably the most challenging website to order from, there are several Youtube tutorials to help you browse and place an international order. I’ve noticed there are a few sticker brands that you can find here that are more difficult to find on other websites.

Cute Korean Sticker Shops


If you’re a long-time SCK reader, you’ve probably seen Manet mentioned several times here! It’s an adorable brand that always has a lot of options to choose from, and it’s relatively easy to order from. I’ve ordered twice and I feel like the international shipping was fairly reasonable compared to other websites.

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