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Cute Characters: Kawaii Sea Creatures

Posted on April 14, 2021 by

This is part of a series of posts where we’ll (re-)introduce you to a themed set of cute characters and where to buy products that feature them. Whales and crabs probably aren’t most peoples’ first choice for kawaii animals but there are a lot of cute creatures under the sea! 

Jinbe San

Kawaii Sea Creatures - jinbesan whale shark

Jinbe San is an adorable whale shark character from San-X who has a body and heart as big as the ocean! His friends include a whale and dumbo octopus plus a cute new shark character.

jinbesan shop

You can buy Jinbe San at lots of stores worldwide including San-X (JP – requires forwarding service), VeryGoods (JP), ARTBOX (UK), Cuteness (EU), and The Littlest Gift Boutique (CAN). San-X also have a few free downloads including wallpapers – Jinbe San features on the printable calendar for April.


Kawaii Sea Creatures - mamegoma seals

Also from San-X , Mamegoma are cute seals that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and live in a fishbowl. They come in a variety of colours and even dress up in costumes like these sea creatures. I love the shark and crab!

mamegoma plush

Mamegoma is a bit harder to find online but Kawaii Panda (EU) and Cuteness (EU) have a lot of the recent releases of stationery and plush. There’s a few free wallpapers at San-X too.


Kawaii Sea Creatures - kirimichan

Kirimi-chan is one of Sanrio’s strangest characters. She is a fillet of salmon who dreams of becoming a delicious meal!

kirimichan books

Kirimi-chan has mostly been discontinued but Japanese sellers have quite a few things available on Ebay including plush and pouches. Amazon Japan has even more fun stuff that can be shipped overseas including photo and comic books. Did you know she released a single too? You can watch the video on Youtube,


Kawaii Sea Creatures - crabapple inkidrop

Indie brand inki-Drop love ocean creatures and have discovered a variety of kawaii characters including Crabapple the grumpy crab, mystical Starwhal and adorable Mint Chocoturtle.

inkidrop kawaii sea creatures

inki-Drop recently moved country but Shelley is hoping to re-open fully soon. In the meantime, there’s a small selection of cute products available online and you can join the Patreon for updates and previews.

Who’s your favourite of these kawaii sea creatures? We’ll have a poll on Twitter & Instagram later today. If you voted in the bear polls, Rilakkuma won both!

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