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Organising My Kawaii Plush Display

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My plush collection has been growing at an alarming (-ly cute) rate and it was time to sort it out. Here’s a look back at how it grew and what I did to organise it, plus some products and tips for displaying kawaii plush, or other cute collections. You can click on my photos to see a larger version.

Kawaii Plush Collection

I was so proud of my small plush collection when I moved into my current flat in 2014. It has a great open shelving space next to the fireplace which was perfect for displaying things. All I needed then was a small shelf from IKEA to raise a few favourites up higher.

Kawaii Plush Collection

This is the last time it looked organised, in 2018 – and so much bigger. I had added another shelf, plus a little fence box from Flying Tiger but every December I would take those out for my table display at Christmas craft fairs and mess everything up. I ended up needing those shelves in my studio so you can guess what happened…

Kawaii Plush Collection

Carnage! Whenever I bought a new plushie, it would get perched on top somewhere so there was a whole layer of sad plush trapped underneath. It was time to organise! I thought a lot about building some wooden shelves or just covering some cardboard boxes but ended up buying acrylic shelves.

Kawaii Plush Collection

So much better! This is two high shelves at the back with a wide lower shelf in front. It’s a bit crowded but I’m still hoping to pick up a Sumikko Gurashi house shelf for for my tiny plush (they sold out immediately, which usually means they’ll be back sometime) and that will clear some more space. At least I can actually see all my plushies again. I’d like to say this is my entire collection but I have more plush all around the house.

Where to buy display shelves

For DIY options, there’s some cute ideas on Youtube. If you want to know where to buy kawaii plushies check the Plush & Toys section or our guide to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide. Happy to tell you about anything in my collection, though most of them probably aren’t available any more.

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  1. Suzanne avatar

    I’m trying to reorganize my art area and my own collectables, it’s nice to see how someone else is doing it, and where they’re finding things too!

    1. Marceline avatar

      Thanks! My studio is a whole other issue and needs some serious organising soon so there may be another post.

  2. Natasja avatar

    What a great post and lovely collection! My husband said he thought 5 plushies would be a nice amount to have, so I explained that such a scenario doesn’t exist ;) Plushies tend to magically multiply themselves and they do bring so much joy.

    1. Marceline avatar

      They really do! Writing this post made me realise just how many I have all over the house. I should take some more photos soon.

  3. Lilia avatar

    It’s so nice to see people organizing they’re collectibles I have lots of “trinkets” and I LOVE organizing them.

    1. Marceline avatar

      Thanks! I used to rearrange things every season/holiday but it hasn’t really happened in the last weird year. It’s always nice to find things hiding away at the back and enjoy them again.

  4. Panda avatar

    :D I agree. SO far I have a small – ish plush collection and I like to keep them at my desk.

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