Kawaii Stationery Storage Ideas

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If you’re a kawaii stationery hoarder like yours truly, you may have an issue with finding a satisfactory way to store it all (especially if it’s a collection that is still growing!). A couple of months ago I faced the same problem and hit Pinterest for some help, only to find very few ideas and photos that illustrated how to store things like memo pads.

Kawaii Stationery Storage Ideas

I ended up winging it, but eventually I found a setup that let me store everything in one area so that it is easily accessible and organized so that I know exactly where to look for something. Here are some ideas and tips to save you the hassle if you’re in the same boat!

Kawaii Stationery Storage Ideas - sticker sheets

Sticker Sheets

For sticker sheets, I use the sticker sheet file folders by King Jim. They hold 40 sheets per folder, and you can find them on Amazon Japan. I love them because they are a fairly inexpensive and neat way to store a growing sticker sheet collection, and they basically fit all but the very largest of the sheet sizes.

Kawaii Stationery Storage Ideas - Sticker Flakes

Sticker Flakes

As for sticker flakes, King Jim offers file folders for storing them as well. These are again available on Amazon Japan. I’ve ultimately decided to store mine in trading card pages inside binders from the brand Èccolo. I couldn’t find the same binders online, but you can find something similar at places like Paperchase. This method works really well if you have a major amount of sticker flakes!

Kawaii Stationery Storage Ideas - washi tape

Washi Tape

There are plenty of different storage types when it comes to washi tape, but I opted to use this acrylic drawer set that I stumbled upon while shopping one day. I like this system since you can stack multiple drawer sets for more space if needed. You can also find similar ones with various drawer counts on Muji, Amazon and eBay by searching “acrylic drawers” or “acrylic storage.”

If you live in the US, Michael’s is a great source of storage ideas; the 3-drawer washi organizer is an inexpensive option when the storage is on sale.

Kawaii Stationery Storage Ideas - memo pads

Memo Pads & Letter Sets

In fact, most of my overall stationery storage system consists of drawers in different sizes. My largest drawer case houses all of my memo pads, letter sets, and envelopes. Having multiple drawers with vary depth makes it simple to organize them by size. You can find one comparable to mine on Amazon. There are also smaller, less expensive options here and here; the latter has plenty of colors to choose from!

(Tip: for readers in the US and UK, TJMaxx/TKMaxx is a great store to find storage drawers in!)

Kawaii Stationery Storage Ideas

Journaling Supplies

Smaller drawers come in handy for storing small ephemera and random bits that you may want to save for journaling. I have a mini drawer set where I store freebies from online orders among other things I can reuse.

Kawaii Stationery Storage Ideas

The great thing about storage is that the system you choose is highly customizable to your needs, and with some time and research, you don’t have to break the bank to create your ideal setup. It’s also highly satisfying to have everything in one place!

Dear readers, are you a stationery collector? How do you choose to store your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Becks avatar

    I love some of these! I turned a cute shoe box into washi tape storage, but I have nowhere for my sticker flakes so I’m definitely going to check out the trading card folder idea.

  2. Tammie Houston avatar
    Tammie Houston

    I really love how you set up your storage designs. My daughter would really benefit from something organized like this. She really loves scrapbooking and making photo albums with the pictures she takes so I think getting her some stationery and stickers would be great for her. That way she can spruce up her designs and get even more creative. I’ll try getting all the stuff you suggested and gifting it to her since her birthday is coming up soon and I want to give her a gift that can help hone her creative side even more.

  3. Panda avatar

    I do use the one with drawers, But I store my washi tape In a diy Kawaii Fridge I made, and I use a mini cart to hold most of my journaling/craft supplies.

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