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Cute & Easy Tropical Summer Crafts

Posted on July 24, 2020 by

Vacations may look a little bit different this year for many people, but you can have a tropical getaway any time and anywhere with these fun seasonal projects!

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A very fun and unique origami project that’s worth checking out is the origami sunfish umbrella DIY from Dahchan Origami. I actually find sunfish really cute and underrated, so I was happy to see something themed with them!

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I love creating tropical-inspired journal spreads and planner layouts for summer, so I was excited to see the Draw So Cute channel post a video that makes it super easy to learn how to draw a hibiscus flower. Can’t wait to use this in my next journal spread! They also have several other drawing videos that feature designs that would work well alongside each other, like their kawaii tropical drink doodle.

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The Chibi Akapon channel has a simple air dry clay tutorial for making fake watermelon popsicles that would make for adorable accessories. The subtitles are in Japanese, but the video is shot so that you can clearly see the steps. You can also use the Google translate extension or a translating website to translate the supply list in the description.

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PolymomoTea has a ton of cute craft videos that are very summery and tropical, but one of my favorites is the DIY tropical island terrarium turtle that uses both polymer clay and resin. I’m just a fan of turtles in general so I love all of their turtle crafts!

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Anyone that enjoys baking should also check out KawaiiSweetWorld’s pineapple macaron tutorial! They’d be a super fun and colorful way to jazz up any summer day or gathering.

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For even more unusual origami projects, Dahchan Origami also has clione (sea angel) origami tutorial that’s weirdly adorable.

Do you enjoy summer crafts? If you do, let us know in the comments which of these crafts are your favorites, and check out even more in our Summer Crafts section.

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