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Cute Storage Ideas

Posted on March 31, 2020 by

Do you have many small items or stationery lying around? Ever since Marie Kondo, I’ve gotten into the habit of storing similar items together. This makes it so much easier to find stuff. I’d like to show you some of the cute storage containers that I use.

cute storage ideas - kawaii bunny pouch

IYou can pull your charger cable through a hole on the side of this Milkjoy bunny bag. This is super handy when I’m playing Pokemon Go ^_^ I also store other small beauty items in it, so everything is collected in my main bag.

cute storage ideas - milkjoy pencil case

This Milkjoy pencil case is of a very good and sturdy quality with enough space for your pens and pencils. I use mine to hold my brush pens, as it’s long enough to fit Tombows.

cute storage ideas - milkjoy pencil case

On the inside there are a couple of inserts and pen loops that make it easy to organize your stationery. You can find Milkjoy products on AliExpress and IYooBo (China).

cute storage ideas - kawaii lunch box

Kawaii lunch boxes make great containers for small items. It’s not that hard to find them at shops such as Paperchase and Hema. I use this fun looking lunch box from Zeeman (EU) to store my Tepra label tapes.

cute storage ideas - stationery drawers

Make-up organizers can also come in handy for storing stationery. I found this organizer at Action (EU), but they don’t have this exact model anymore. Shops such as Muji (Worldwide) and Michaels (USA) sell acrylic drawers as well.

cute storage ideas - stationery suitcase

I’ve been using this cardboard briefcase for years to store cards. These kinds of boxes would also be nice for storing memo pads. This particular briefcase is no longer for sale, but you could look for one which is about the same size (25x17cm / 9,6×6,8inch). You can usually find them at children sections of large shops such as Hema (EU) and H&M (Worldwide).

cute storage ideas - stationery suitcase

If you are looking for more storage solutions, I can recommend this stationery storage ideas post from Andi and her recent tutorial for a stationery storage journal.

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