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My Neighbor Totoro Crafts

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While I don’t see as many new Totoro crafts popping up as I used to, I know a lot of people are still huge fans of the film, including myself. I’ve just recently watched it, and that made me want to go hunting for some new crafts to possibly try out with a Totoro theme!

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Joy to the Class is a Chinese channel that I just discovered, and they have lots of cute clay tutorials, including one that shows you how to make Totoro with succulent plants using resin clay. While the videos don’t have English subtitles directly on them, all tools and supplies are listed in English in the description.

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If you’re more for baking, HidaMari Cooking has a great step-by-step video for making really cute Totoro icebox cookies. The video is ASMR so it does not have any speech, although it does translate all the the ingredients in both Japanese and English.

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For a cute and simple sewing craft, Miss Tricks Mix has a tutorial for making a tiny Totoro ice lolly out of felt. I think it would make a very cute bag charm!

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The Japanese channel Toy Box also has a super adorable Totoro origami photo stand. It looks a little more advanced for an origami piece, but for someone with at least a little origami experience, it should be achievable since it does contain the paper measurements and is shot to include all steps.

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Doodles by Sarah has a great video that illustrates how to draw Totoro, among several other classic kawaii characters. I’m keeping this bookmarked to reference when I’m making journal spreads!

Are you a fan of My Neighbor Totoro? Comment below, and tag us on social media if you decide to make anything from this list!

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