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DIY Fluffies Monkey Plush Sewing Pattern Review

Posted on March 1, 2019 by

If you’re looking for a new downloadable plush pattern, look no further than DIY Fluffies! They offer many sewing plush patterns as well as a variety of amigurumi projects, and they’re all super adorable.

Monkey Plush Sewing Pattern Review

I was very excited when they generously offered for me to test one out, but it was also very difficult to choose! After a lot of consideration, I came to the conclusion that monkeys are woefully underrepresented at times, and chose the Fluffy Monkey pattern to try out.

Monkey Plush Sewing Pattern
Image by DIY Fluffies

Starting off, the downloadable PDF comes with images, instructions, and two pages of templates. Everything’s marked clearly so there won’t be confusion, and there’s a clear list of necessary supplies.

Monkey Plush Sewing Pattern Review

I had all the basic sewing supplies except for the fabric and (working) sewing machine. The plushies in the example images use fleece, and the instructions include advice for sewing with it, but you can use anything your heart desires. I wanted to try to mimic the fluffy white monkey for the sake of the review, so I went with some white and pink stretchy fabric that’s somewhere between fur and fleece.

Monkey Plush Sewing Pattern Review

The instructions are very clean and straightforward so they’re easy to understand. There are plenty of colorful illustrations to help you through each step, which is a very helpful quality. I also really appreciate the part of the instructions that covers how to handle stretchy fabric, which is great if it’s your first time working with it. It’s small but important details like these that some e-patterns forget, so it’s nice to see!

Monkey Plush Sewing Pattern Review

Unfortunately I am without a working sewing machine for the time being, so I had to sew everything by hand even though the supplies list calls for a sewing machine. While this definitely made the project a lot more time consuming, I can safely say that it’s not impossible to manage. (However, I did have a derp moment while working on the plush late at night and managed to end up with some fairly pudgy arms and legs as a result, so don’t be me and sew when tired!)

Monkey Plush Sewing Pattern Review

While I started with some reservations with sewing entirely by hand, the plush turned out cute despite its slight derpiness from my mistake! I think will name her Nana, after the Animal Crossing villager.

Monkey Plush Sewing Pattern Review

Overall, I really enjoyed making this cutie! The design is adorable, and the instructions and pattern are very high quality. It’s also a bonus that the patterns are affordable! I do very much recommend checking out the full DIY Fluffies lineup if you’re in the market for a new sewing or amigurumi craft.

(Pattern was provided by DIY Fluffies for review but all words, photographs and opinions are my own.)

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