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Last Minute Valentine’s Day DIYs

Posted on February 8, 2019 by

Like most holidays, it can be easy to be distracted by everyday life until you find yourself a few days away from Valentine’s Day, stuck without gifts or cards for people. I will admit that when it comes to this particular holiday, I am especially bad for this. But no worries! There are plenty of cute projects and printables to be found that won’t require you to spend much in time or money.

If you’re looking for an easy DIY plush option and have a couple of socks to spare, ChelseyDIY has a great reversible panda plush tutorial that is perfect for the holiday. If you don’t have fuzzy socks, they can be found in most dollar/discount stores.

Valentine’s Day DIY lovebird cookies

Baking your gifts or a dessert for a Valentine’s Day party is always a thoughtful option. As cookies are easy, no-fuss options and are always really fun to decorate, why not try I Heart Baking’s red and white lovebird sugar cookies? If you don’t already own a heart cookie cutter, they’re very easy to find this time of year!

Paper crafts are one of the fastest crafting options when you’re in a real pinch for time; check out Kamikey Origami’s heart-shaped origami pocket if you want a customized packaging for any small gifts you’re giving out.

The aforementioned origami project would also be cute paired with Tsuku Café’s origami rose for any gift; if you have time to make a group of them, they would also be very cute as a bouquet on wire stems or spread out on a table for a Valentine’s Day dinner. These roses won’t ever wilt, at least!

Valentine’s Day DIY printable gift tags

And if you need unique tags for your gifts rather than cards and envelopes, ALittleLeafy has a set of 3 printable Valentine’s Day gift tags with ultra-cute puns and illustrations on them.

For more ideas, check out the posts in our Valentine’s Day Crafts section!

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