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Kawaii Fox Crafts & Kits

Posted on November 16, 2018 by

I know foxes are an animal that are very popular and often featured in art projects during the fall season, but it’s with good reason! They’re small, appear cuddly, and are just adorable! These qualities make them a perfect craft subject, especially during the time of year when woodland animals are a highlight. I have a long list of favorite kawaii fox crafts and kits, but here are my top picks right now!

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KikumsTinyCreations has an insanely cute polymer clay tutorial showing you how to make a fox planner charm. There are a few different versions featured in the video to give you some creative ideas on customization; if foxes are your animal, you could even make several and accessorize them by holiday so you have a full set of planner charms!

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There’s also a tutorial by DrawSoCute that shows you how to draw a fox. If you’re a beginner or not so confident with your drawing, this is a very simple, easy option for you to try out in your sketchbook or journal. I also recommend their other videos!

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While there are a few origami style variants, the yakomoga origami fox tutorial by Amazing Easy Origami is my favorite for the thoroughness. While the video is lengthy, the slow speed makes it easier to follow along at the same time you’re doing it.

Kawaii Fox Crafts - sewing kit

The Felix fox sewing kit by CynthiaTreenStudio is a cute option for adding a new felt friend to your handmade plush collection! It is a level 3 so some prior sewing experience may be helpful; if you don’t have much, or any, they do have cute level 1 and level 2 kits for you to start with before trying your hand at Felix.

Kawaii Fox Crafts - scarf knitting kit

It’s definitely getting colder here, and SincerelyLouise has a knit fox scarf kit that would come in handy right about now! It would also make a very thoughtful gift for a fox lover. The great news is that you need very minimal knitting experience since the kit is designed with beginners in mind.

Are foxes your favorite fall animal? If they aren’t, no worries—there are lots of other woodland critter crafts featured in the Autumn/Fall Crafts category that you can check out!

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