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Cute & Easy Molang Makes

Posted on May 18, 2018 by

Despite the very summer-like weather we’ve been experiencing here, I am still firmly in spring mode and reveling in all its pastel, bunny-themed glory. Since there’s still a month before it’s officially summer, I thought it time to fit in some favorite DIYs featuring my favorite bun, Molang! There are plenty of cute tutorials around of the character, but here are some of my favorites.

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Molang is a chubby bunny after all, so he’s unsurprisingly depicted most of the time with food or desserts. And since he’s quite round, Funkypinkgal’s Molang dango polymer clay charm tutorial is adorably fitting.

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If you’re into squishy making, justcraft’s Molang in a donut squishy is another cute Molang-in-food craft. He is shaped rather like a donut hole, I suppose?

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2 Cats & 1 Doll has a video on a basic sock plush project that’s great for beginners or simple and time efficient for non-beginners. I love the concept of sock plushes since they use something that is already owned or highly accessible to most people!

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It feels like it’s been forever since I made a needlefelt project, so I’ve decided to follow Pufftique’s video to make my own needlefelt Molang. If you have a little freehand needlefelt experience, it’s also a great idea to make his buddy Piu Piu!

free Molang amigurumi plush pattern

And of course, this list would be incomplete without featuring AmiguruMEI’s free Molang amigurumi plush pattern. It’s a more basic pattern as far as amigurumi goes, so if you’re still new to it, it’s a good option.

Whether you’re stuck in spring or looking forward to summer, check out the DIY Crafts section for more seasonal crafts.

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