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Kawaii Character Crafts by Heekkong on YouTube

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If you’re looking for a novel project to make, do check out the Heekkong on YouTube! The channel features a large and varied assortment of DIYs, from squishies to slime to miniatures. There are plenty of kawaii character crafts too featuring popular characters like Rilakkuma, Moomins, and Gudetama.

The channel is mainly in Korean, but the tutorials are always clearly filmed so the DIYs are still easy to follow along with. But don’t just take my word for it; here are a few of my favorites!

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Gudetama fans: rejoice! There are several options to make cute things featuring our favorite depressed egg yolk. The channel features a video on how to make Gudetama version of their signature ball miniature crafts. The ball crafts are my favorite part of the channel!

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Another option is this cute Gudetama slime DIY that has him placed inside an eggshell. I have yet to try my hand at making slime, but this is a such a cute idea that I’m tempted to try it.

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The miniature Gudetama dollhouse would make a really cute toy for an appropriately-sized doll, or even just a cute desk decoration. The video includes measurements, and the necessary materials are listed in both Korean and English, so it’ll be easy to follow along with.

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If you’re a planner, the new video on drawing stationery/back-to-school doodles might be helpful. It clearly illustrates how to draw 20 different images, which gives you plenty to work with. I love watching these kinds of videos because they always inspire new planner spread themes for me!

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Don’t feel left out Rilakkuma fans: there’s plenty of videos featuring the cute bear and his friends too! The Rilakkuma “snowglobe” seems deceptively easy to make, and would make a real showpiece for a desk or shelf.

Craft options really are varied with this channel, and what is featured here is just a drop in the bucket. Head over to Heekkong on YouTube to check out the rest of the DIYs they have to offer and let us know in the comments which project is your favorite!

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