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Glitter Makes Everything Better

Posted on September 14, 2017 by

Add some sparkle to your daily routine with these glitter picks.

unicorn glitter nail polish

This unicorn nail polish actually has chunks of unicorn glitter in the mix leaving your nails glittery and magical.

glitter pizza enamel pin

Pizza and glitter? Yes please! Pick up this enamel pin from Paper Moon Collective.

glitter hair bows

Make a bad hair day better with these glittery bows, handmade by Beauxoxo.

unicorn mug

Drink your favorite magical drink in this unicorn mug with shiny star details.

Watch on YouTube

Make your own pencil/cosmetics/whatever pouch with this easy to follow DIY liquid glitter waterfall pouch tutorial by Angelynn. The possibilities of glitter combos is endless!

Have a sparkly day!

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