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Here are a few Halloween ideas to help you celebrate with your pets in super cute style!

martha stewart

This pumpkin bed from Martha Stewart Pets will make your dog or kitty the cutest pet in the patch. Think how cozy fall will be as they snuggle deep inside.


Give your kitty a good scare with this house/scratcher combo from Target. I bought my kitties one and it took about 15 minutes to put together (because the kitties had to help) and it is sturdy for the price – just $9! Be warned if you have a hefty fur beast like my Mortis he/she will not fit into it. This is strictly for the slender under 10 pound crowd. It’s not currently available online but if you are near a Target you can get one in store.


Dressing up your cat can either be fun or dangerous – because cat moods are hard to predict. No matter what the outcome Rockin’ Dogs and Cool Cats has something for every cute cat’s needs including this festive tutu dress.


How about a cute bear costume that can double as a winter jacket? Bonus – it comes in bigger sizes and that means both dogs and bigger kitties can have fun dressing up.

Updated 2020: These products are no longer available – check out our Pets Picks section for more ideas. You can also use our guide to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide or have a look at Our Favourite Kawaii Artists, Designers & Makers.

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  1. Kayley avatar

    Do you have a link to the house/scratcher combo? My cat would love it, but I can’t find it on the Target website.

    1. Kayley avatar

      I tried Googling it and it looks like the item might no longer be available. Darn! I’ll check in my local store during lunch and see if they have one.

      1. Kayley avatar

        I went to Target and couldn’t find it! But I only checked in the pet section, and now I’m thinking it might’ve been in the Halloween section…I’m tempted to go back and look.

  2. kendy avatar

    It is in the pet section at Target – end cap where the Halloween toys are. I found mine there. :)

    1. Kayley avatar

      Thanks for letting me know! I went to my Target again and checked the Halloween section and it wasn’t there either. They also didn’t have an end cap in the pet section. It might be because my Target is a City Target rather than a full Target, so I might need to check a bigger Target since it’s sold out online.

      1. kendy avatar

        yes – the target i go to is a ‘super target’ so it is stocked with food and everything. i know the houses are super popular due to the cheap price & cuteness. i hope you find one!

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