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Re-Ment Miniatures Round Up

Posted on November 17, 2023 by

It’s been way too long since we had a look at some cute Re-Ment miniatures so here’s some of my favourites from this year. They’re all available from multiple shops so I’ll put the links at the end.

Pokemon Re-Ment miniatures

Let’s start with Pokemon Playground, a brand new set coming out next month that’s up for preorder now. There’s been a lot of amazing Pokemon sets recently but I think this one is so adorable with all their happy expressions. Each character makes for a cute display but if you buy the full set they all join together into a playground.

Kirby Re-Ment miniatures

If you can’t visit the Kirby Cafe in Japan, you can at least create a tiny Kirby Kitchen at home! The Kirby car bento box is the standout here but the breakfast plate with a house-shaped toaster is incredible too.

Sumikko Gurashi Re-Ment miniatures

Or why not visit Sumikko Udon, a Sumikko Gurashi-themed noodle restaurant? Miniature food is one of my major weaknesses and there’s so many fun details here.Tokage (real) looks especially excited about getting that udon.

Sumikko Gurashi Re-Ment miniatures

I need to include another one too as these Sumikko Ring designs are something I haven’t seen before, with a wearable ring that fits into a little display piece. If you’ve been managing to resist buying any Re-Ment because you have nowhere to display the sets, this could be a dangerous new option!

Miffy Re-Ment miniatures

I would be perfectly happy to wake up and find myself living in this Miffy Room. I really need the chair and table to exist in real life. It looks like there are pictures included that you can cut out and turn into wall art if you have a dollhouse.

Sanrio Re-Ment miniatures

Bathrooms are a fairly rare theme and this Little Twin Stars Sparkling Bathtime set would make a dollhouse much more kawaii. There’s a few things for a utility room/kitchen as well, plus a tiny cat.

Rilakkuma Re-Ment miniatures

Rilakkuma Words is the latest set of word-based ornaments to display and includes some important words for the bears and their friends like Relax, Sleep, Vacation and Honey. Some of these would make sweet gifts too.

Kawaii Re-Ment miniatures

There’s more than kawaii characters too. Re-Ment’s Petit Sample collection has tiny versions of all kinds of everyday, fairytale and retro items. This Sweets Recipes at Home set has so many fun treats you’ll recognise like strawberry shortcake, hugging cookies, bear bread and puppy meringues.

Where to buy Re-Ment miniatures

You can find out about new sets at the official Re-Ment website and buy them all online from resellers by searching for the character or set name. The shops listed below are all recommended by us and ship worldwide. Most sell individual sealed blind boxes where you don’t know which set is inside. Others will sell you an opened box of your choice or a full set where you’ll get one of each.

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