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I recently caught up with Riss at Tasty Peach Studios for a new interview and she also sent me an adorable package of Meowchi goodies to review. Let’s have a look at everything!

Tasty Peach Studios Meowchi review

I was so excited to open this and couldn’t believe how much cuteness was waiting inside. There were two Meowchi plushies, a mini keychain plush, a coin pouch, 3 enamel pins and some stickers. Plus a Chirii Bunny t-shirt to break up the Meowchi party. Let’s have a look, starting with the plushies.

Berry Sunset Meowchi Plush

Tasty Peach Studios Meowchi plush review

These were the first of the new Meowchi plushies with Aurora, which you might have spotted in stores. I’ve picked up this Berry Sunset Meowchi a few times in Claire’s so was so happy to have one.

Tasty Peach Studios Meowchi plush review

What’s not to love about a bright pink unicorn Meowchi with sparkly eyes, white paws and a sunset-coloured mane and tail! As well as being super cute, it’s also super squishy and a lovely size to cuddle without taking up a lot of space. It also has some pellets in the bottom to give it a bit more weight.

Ube Meowchi Plush

Tasty Peach Studios Meowchi plush review

As well as the special varieties, Meowchis come in all kinds of simple but fun “flavours” who all have a similar design but different colours and expressions. Ube (sweet purple yam) is one of the newest additions, along with everything from Earl Grey tea & Kona Coffee to Coconut and Guava. Ube is a bright purple with a cheeky face and cheers me up every time I look at it.

Tasty Peach Studios Meowchi plush review

I own 2 special limited edition Meowchi plushies already (from 2015/2016) so I was interested to see how they would compare with the new ones. The Aurora plush is maybe a tiny bit smaller but otherwise everything is just the same or even better. You can definitely tell that TPS and Aurora care about making high quality plush and not diluting the brand with cheap versions for some quick cash. I look forward to seeing what new designs they come up with in future.

Mini Meowchi Keychain Plush – Strawberry

Tasty Peach Studios Meowchi plush review

If there’s anything that could make Meowchi cuter it’s a mini size! I have a huge collection of keychain plush because they’re easier to justify over large plushies, since they cost less and take up less room. This little pink strawberry Meowchi is just as perfect as the big size, with the same embroidered face, tiny paws and tail.

Tasty Peach Studios Meowchi plush review

Again, the quality is really high with both a split ring and lobster clasp to make sure your Meowchi will be secure on your bag, or to fit all your keys and extra charms. I’ll probably still keep it safe at home with the rest of my gang though.

Meowchi Coin Pouch

Tasty Peach Studios review

While Tasty Peach Studios are best known for plush, they have been expanding into more accessories, homewares and lifestyle goods. Their Meowchi ita bag Kickstarter also included some smaller accessories and this wristlet coin pouch is now available for everyone in 13 colours. Even though I love the plush, this might be my favourite thing in the package as it’s so adorable and really useful. The wristlet makes it great for popping out for a walk or to the corner shop and it also works well as a travel pouch or to keep small items together in your bag.

In our interview, Riss talked about how much sampling she did to make the bags and accessories as perfect as possible and you can really see how much thought has gone into this. There’s two zip compartments (one opens flat for easy access), a custom zipper charm and removable wristlet. It’s also made of vegan leather. I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of this.

Meowchi Enamel Pins

Tasty Peach Studios Meowchi pins review

There are so many enamel pins to choose from at Tasty Peach Studios, including extras from the ongoing monthly Pin Club. Those are all limited edition so some of these designs are already sold out. I am very critical when it comes to pins but these are all perfect and high quality with small details and special features like screen-printing and coloured rubber backs.

Tasty Peach Studios Meowchi pins review

I think my favourite is the MeowBoy – both because I loved my Gameboy and all the tiny details are so incredible. These would all be lovely for adding a cute touch to a jacket or bag but I expect they’ll end up displayed on my pin board as I’d hate to lose them.

Final thoughts and where to buy

Tasty Peach Studios review

Overall, I was really impressed with everything in this package. I’ve kept this review all Meowchi themed so I haven’t mentioned the Chirii Bunny Milkyway Tee yet but it’s a super soft t-shirt with a bright print. It’s quite a close fit so I would recommend going up a size if you prefer a looser fit. Everything was high quality with little touches and features that let you know it’s been designed and made with care. I’d definitely recommend Tasty Peach Studios to any kawaii fan, especially if you love plushies, and it’s well worth looking for the Aurora plushies locally so you can see them in person.

Tasty Peach Studios ship worldwide from the US and you can also find some of the products and exclusives at international stores including Aurora (US/UK/EU), Hot Topic (US) and HMV (UK). You’ll also find them at conventions all across the US – check their Instagram for upcoming events.

(Products were provided by Tasty Peach Studios for review but all words, photographs and opinions are my own.)

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