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2023 Sanrio Character Ranking Results & Picks

Posted on June 13, 2023 by

The votes have been counted for the 2023 Sanrio Character Ranking and the winners announced! Let’s check out the favourites and look at some cute products.

Camp Cinnamoroll

There’s no change at the top overall as Cinnamoroll takes another win with 9 countries/regions picking him as their favourite. Just in time for summer, he features in an adorable new Camp Cinnamoroll collection at BoxLunch (US) with clothing, bags, stationery, keychains and more. Or camp out at home and make some Cinnamoroll cake pops.

Pompompurin plush

Pompompurin is also runner-up once again but at least he’s a favourite with fans in the UK & Taiwan. How sweet is this Cream Soda plush at VeryGoods (JP)?

Kuromi was a surprise third place last year and manages to hold on to it. She even got very close to beating Pompompurin, thanks to fans in 6 countries/regions putting her in second place. UK fans should head to ARTBOX (UK) who have lots of new Kuromi items including this plush backpack.

Badtz-Maru bags

The rest of the top 10 is made up of the same characters as last year in a slightly different order, except for Bad Badtz-Maru who just squeezed into #10, taking out Cogimyun. He’s currently Sanrio’s friend of the month with a new denim-themed collection, some free wallpapers and a bento lunch to make.

donut Gudetama plush

The recent Netflix show likely helped to bump Gudetama up a couple of places to #13 and a top placing in Germany. If you enjoyed the show, GUND (US) have some very fun Gudetama plush and I’m obsessed with this box of donuts.

Usahana Sanrio stationery

And a special mention for Thailand, who went completely off on their own with with Yoshikitty in first and U*SA*HA*NA in second. If you’re a fan of U*SA*HA*NA, the multi-coloured bunny features in a surprising new collection with the Sugarbunnies at Sanrio (US) with stationery, bags and more. Third place was a unique pick of JOCHUM (a collaboration with Japanese boy band JO1) which helped them jump a massive 76 places to #14!

You can visit the Sanrio Character Ranking website to see the overall and regional results to find out how your favourites placed.

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