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Cute Character Blind Boxes

Posted on May 5, 2023 by

It”s been a while since we had a look at all the new kawaii blind boxes so here’s some fun ones with our favourite cute characters that I’d love to add to my collection.

Ghibli Totoro blind boxes

Studio Ghibli have a few exclusive blind boxes, available individually or as a full set. These My Neighbor Totoro figures are weighted at the bottom so they wobble around. I love the snow Totoro! You can order them from Donguri Republic (JP – requires forwarding service) or Maison Ghibli (EU).

Sanrio blind boxes

POP MART always come out such adorable collaborations and I’m obsessed with the Hello Kitty Food Town set. Each one has a little food stall that closes up into a box and there’s everything from a sushi restaurants to a juice bar. (The official POP MART site ships to most countries but doesn’t actually state where from!)

Sanrio x Pacman blind boxes

I have to include another Sanrio set as the Pac-Man x Sanrio collab is too funny. Try your luck at JapanLA (US).

tokidoki blind boxes

tokidoki (US) are always a favourite for blind box figures and there’s a new series of Cactus Bunnies! These are all amazing, especially Galaxy Hopper, which glows in the dark.

miffy blind boxes

Miffy fans will be unable to resist this collab with Kimmy & Miki at My Plastic Heart (US). I always imagined Miffy as human sized but she is so tiny here and I can’t cope with the cuteness.

kawaii blind boxes

Tayto the potato is the face of Smoko (US) and his latest blind box set sees him taking a trip to Japan. That includes a visit to Mt Fuji, feeding the Nara deer and enjoying an onsen bath with the snow monkeys.

By the way, many of these sets are available from multiple stockists worldwide so check our shopping guide or Google the collection name if the featured shop isn’t in your region.

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