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Kawaii Shops For Sakura Season

Posted on March 21, 2023 by

While it definitely still looks like winter here in Scotland, cherry blossoms are starting to appear in warmer parts of the world, with full bloom forecast for the next couple of weeks in Japan. If you’d like to pick up some cute things to celebrate sakura season, here’s some of my favourite shops to browse.

Ghibli Totoro sakura ceramics

Top of my personal wish list this year is the beautiful Totoro sakura ceramics collection from Studio Ghibli, made in Japan using traditional methods. You can find them at a few online shops and Very Goods (JP) has the whole set in stock, and a plush too! Their sakura section also includes new items from Starbucks and Sanrio.

Ghibli Totoro sakura backpack

I also have to include the exclusive Totoro collaboration at Hot Topic (US) which has lots of spring and sakura-themed clothing, accessories and jewellery including this pretty backpack and wallet.

Sanrio sakura plush

Sugoi Mart (JP) have the biggest range of Japanese sakura items I think I’ve ever seen! As well as collections from Sanrio, Disney and Starbucks, you’ll find lots of interesting snacks and drinks, plus beauty products and even a lucky bag. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, it’s well worth a browse to see how much the sakura obsession takes over Japan at this time of year.

sakura bento boxes

Hanami (sakura viewing parties) are popular in the spring and even if you can’t manage one in your area, you can still plan a cute picnic lunch with some sakura-themed bento accessories. Bento&co (JP) have so many pretty bento boxes and sets plus chopsticks, fabric wraps and even mini cutters, plus a few of the Totoro ceramics. Everything is currently on sale too.

sakura stickers

Journaling is always a good excuse to buy seasonal stationery and Miso Paper (UK) have a great selection of sakura stationery with washi tape, stickers and notebooks. I especially love the BGM items – just look at those cute little animals!

sakura cookies

Japan Haul (JP) is another good source of Japanese snacks and their sakura collection has some very pretty and intriguing options including cookies, candy, mochi and tea. They also have some items from Starbucks and Sanrio.

sakura subscription box

If you can’t decide what to buy, Rainbowholic Shop (JP) have brought back their popular Sakura Box for 2023. It includes a mix of sakura-themed stationery, snacks and tea, including their own original designs. Some of the stationery is also available separately in the sakura collection.

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